Cosplay Contest Rules

Best in Show will be awarded the grand prize of a $100 Amazon Gift Card! 

FresCon is hosting its first cosplay contest. We invite cosplayers of varying skill to participate in the contest. The competition will take place Sunday, March 13 at the East Wing of the Dining Hall at 4:00pm. We will be open to online and on-site registration. We ask that you provide one photo of your cosplay at any stage of its production and one photo of your reference image.

Judging will be on both costume quality/creativity and performance. The performance section will not be extensive. Show off your costume, be in character, and have fun. We cannot guarantee sound options or microphones, and we will not have access to play video with the performance. We ask you to keep performances “PG” and the use of profanities will lead to disqualification.

Judges will be examining the costumes and asking questions about your process. You do not have to have made every part of the costume yourself, but craftsmanship does help your score.

All cosplay and props must adhere to the Weapons and Cosplay Policy.

Original cosplay is allowed as well as cosplay that deviates from a source (interpretations, gender-swap, etc.).

Please arrive twenty to fifteen minutes early to the event.

Thank you and have fun!