Cosplay Policy

(Adapted from Ani-Jam’s weapons policy)

One of the best things at a comic convention is all the wonderful cosplay (short for “costume play”) you will see! The staff of FresCon encourages our fans to dress up and take lots of photos but we do have a few rules regarding what we can allow into the convention. Please be sure to read our Weapons and Props policy below and remember that FresCon is for all ages and to keep your Cosplay and costumes as such that all ages can enjoy the work you’ve put into it!

 Regarding Cosplay and Costumes     

  • All costumes and clothing must cover appropriate (private) parts of the body and shall not expose anything that may be considered indecent exposure under California law.
  • All costumes must be deemed “PG-13” and any possible slippages/costume malfunctions should be prevented and accounted for.
  • You must wear shoes/sandals while on convention center property NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Costumes that might be confused for law enforcement, military, or other government agencies will not be allowed.
  • FresCon reserves the right to insist on modifications to costumes that do not meet the above requirements.
  • FresCon reserves the right to make changes to this policy as needed to ensure the success of the show.

Regarding Props and Weapons

  • Weapons and props must be approved at the discretion of our staff.  Your weapon or prop will receive a zip-tie near the entrance showing your item was approved for carrying within the convention venue.  By having your item peace-bonded you are agreeing to carry said item responsibly and be aware of your surroundings when posing with it.
  • Rough housing such as play sword fighting or swinging an item around will not be tolerated on campus. If your weapon or prop poses a hazard or issue you may be asked to return it to your hotel room or car by convention staff. We cannot hold the weapon/item for you.
  • No metal weapons, real firearms, replica/realistic looking firearms or props capable of loading high-velocity projectiles. This includes items such as live steel (real metal swords), paintball guns, pellet guns or other air rifles.  Even if the item is broken or non-functional in some way, it will not be allowed and you will be asked to return it to your hotel room or car. We cannot hold the weapon for you.
  • Other forbidden weapons/props- wooden and metal baseball bats or baseball bats containing a solid core (example- foam covered pipe/metal), Metal items/tools such as crowbars and wrenches, metal pots and pans, glass and plaster items that could shatter if dropped, and solicitation signs.  You will be asked to return these items to your hotel room or car. We cannot hold the item for you.
  • Permitted weapons/props/items- Plastic toy weapons. Empty water guns, toy/prop bow and arrows (arrows must have no tips and be in a quiver, bow must have no tension capable of projecting the arrows), Staffs and non-metal swords, plastic baseball bats, umbrellas, musical instruments and other props fashioned of paper mache, foam, plastic etc. that are not in violation of this policy.
  • Proper care and respect for any official real world flags will be observed at all times in the hall. Flags should be carried on a flagpole and never worn as clothing or part of a costume. Home-made flags are exempt from this rule

Please adhere to our policy to promote a safe and fun environment. For any questions, Email us at