E-Gaming Room General Rules and Guidelines

FresCon E-Gaming Room

Our E-Gaming room at FresCon will provide an area where those looking to kick back and relax with their favorite games can do so freely amongst other convention attendees. The room will consist of an open setup with tons of free outlets at many rows of desks; more than enough room for attendees to bring their own setups and start gaming with friends! Gather up your consoles handhelds, monitors and games, and join us at FresCon in the E-Gaming room!

E-Gaming Room – General Rules and Guidelines

  • Keep track of your belongings! If you wish, you can come up to the front desk in the E-Gaming Room and register what you have brought on a list, which we can use upon your departure to make sure you haven’t left anything behind.
  • Be respectful of others! Just remember common courtesy. While gaming space shouldn’t be an issue due to the amount of tables and outlets available, if it should come down to it, just take turns!
  • Respect personal space! This goes without saying!
  • No food and drinks allowed, with the exception of bottled water! There will be a lot of electronics around, needless to say, so we just want to be safe (and not have any equipment ruined). Bottled water is fine, if it is left away from the consoles and outlets. For anything else, please take a moment to move temporarily to the courtyard area just outside to finish your snacks or food.
  • Have fun! Our main goal with the E-Gaming room is to offer a place for the attendees to unwind and relax a bit. Review these rules to make sure you, and others, have the best experience possible!


The E-Gaming Room will have multiple Wii U, PS3, and PS4 systems available to play. We will have games available as well, and attendees are encouraged to bring their own games, systems, and even monitors as well! Sunday will be dedicated fully to free play; for Saturday, expect a section of the room to be taken up by our main event: The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament (free play is, of course, still allowed).